Jibakurei of the Seireitei [On Hold]

Jibakurei of the Seireitei [On Hold]

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[Male!Reader x Bleach!Male!Various]

[Male Name] [Last Name] is a soul who gained powers from the Lightening God, Raijin due to their brief history together. He died as a young boy because of Head Captain Yamamoto's orders to eliminate the noble [Last Name] clan for their rebellion against the Quincy massacre.

Bearing a deep grudge, [Male Name] was trapped in a blank world with no sense of time, until he was 'blessed' - becoming reincarnated into a kitsune. Even though Raijin gave him a new life as his familiar, [Male Name] longs to return to the Seireitei in order to kill Yamamoto. However, things would not be as simple as he thought.

I do not own Bleach but I do own majority of the plot line. Enjoy!


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