Hysteria Awaits | Punk Stiles

Hysteria Awaits | Punk Stiles

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peter-man By http-maggie Updated Nov 06, 2016

After the Nogitsune killed Allison and Aiden, he had to leave. He couldn't dare to watch his pack look at Isaac and Scott with pity and then they glance at Stiles with sorrow. Once he was de-voided. He packed his bags and left. When he found out that the pack was debating on kicking him out of the pack, it hit Stiles even harder.

However, Stiles comes back and things have changed. Most of his old pack is going through their senior year of highschool. When he steps foot at school, no one recognized him. The tattoos that covered his body and the piercings don't give off the Stiles Stilinski vibe. 

If he can't win over who he wants, he'll just find another way of getting him. Oh and revenge but that parts not nearly as important. 

[ Sterek and Punk!Stiles ]
[ Slow updates ]

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QueenKlaro QueenKlaro Jun 06, 2016
Oh this was short but I am finding myself wanting more of your story already :)