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frantasbabe By frantasbabe Updated Jun 27

~Minho's pov~

"Wow..just parents were right, you can't turn a hoe into a house wife" I said looking at my ex girlfriend and some random guy in my bed, naked "Minho you don't mean that, I'm sorry" Hailey said "I do mean that and to think I was gonna give you this" I said taking out a little black box from my front pocket, tossing it on the floor.

"How long?" I ask looking at the guy. He looked at Hailey then back at me "m-me?" He asked pointing towards his chest "yes long have you to been doing this?" I asked leaning on the door frame.

"A year but hey, bruh she told me you were her gay bestfriend I didn't know y'all were together" he said looking for his clothes.

"Huh so I'm your bestfriend now, I'm not even straight I'm gay wow" I chuckled wiping my nose "I wasn't your gay bestfriend when I had my dick down your throat" I said looking at Hailey. 

"Minho I can explain just hear me out" she said getting up, naked "explain what Hailey that you've been cheating on me...

Pkjmnie Pkjmnie Sep 05
@kimnoomiesung ............What are you doing to my innocence???
Hoe you just gonna accidentally start running your lips between them booth cheeks. How sway
You ain't gotta be a how to be a stripper😂😂.. hell you might get lucky and not even have to take ya clothes off.. I wish I was brave enough shake my ass for a bunch of men😑 #bankinbihh
allyrob_13 allyrob_13 Jun 22
Ayeee no hate getcho yo money sis 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😝😝😝
Crazy-Mea Crazy-Mea Sep 15
Does he remind anyone else of Carl from Shameless??
                               No just gonna go..
xxloeyxx xxloeyxx Sep 16
Damn. 'Body' just started playing and I'm like... damn... timing.