Book two of Rewriting History - Finding your feet.

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Tara By tbargon Updated 7 months ago
Lexi Grant at the age of eighteen is an Adult in Australia. She gets to vote, drink, party and go out like any young adult. She's graduated and so much has changed. The puzzle is in pieces and she needs to put it back altogether. But does she want to? Lexi is a wild, fun, spontaneous, sexy young woman with no responsibilities. Can the men in her life handle this free Lexi? Or will she find a new partner in crime? Will her enemies of the past come back just one more time to ruin her chance at a happily ever after.
I've always wanted James and Lexi back together I hope she realizes she's I'm love with him.... please update I love this story
Just found you on wattpad, and I am loving your stories. I love all of Lex's inner dialogue! Love your stories so far. Thank you for sharing them!
Are you still planning on writing this story?? Just noticed its been awhile and the first book was left in such a non-ending way I'd like to know what happens!
Glad you're back ^_^. I like Robert but I'm for Team James even if he's mad at her. Upload asap
Yay glad to have you back.....and the re-writing story back.....can't wait for he next upload....Team James!!!!!!
@tbargon Yes i have. But i would always get confused with both of them..i dont know why thou. Please refresh my memory...