Not Without You {Steve/Bucky Fic} COMPLETED

Not Without You {Steve/Bucky Fic} COMPLETED

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Queen of Positively Nothing By Zatanna323 Completed

Bucky has feelings for Steve. 

And that's to say the least.  He's hopelessly in love with his best friend. 

And his best friend is hopelessly in love with Sharon Carter. 

Bucky tries to live a normal life. Well,  as normal as he can get,  for being best friend's with Captain America and previously being an assassin himself.
 He tries to share an apartment with Steve without taking it top personal that Steve is in love with a woman. 

However,  his best intentions always seem to fail him.  . .

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"You are my sunshine" by johnny cash is playing off of my Stucky playlist and I'm crying now
I imagined him putting his head on Bucky's shoulder. It was amazing
There are many things that mean "I love you"
                              In the case of Dean Winchester, its "I need you."
                              As Sherlock will argue, "Sherlock is actually a girls name."
                              Maybe it gets cut off, like Ten's "Rose Tyler-"
                              Or, a phrase, "I'm with you till the end of the line."
Maybe you would both sleep better if you slept together
                              Just a thought
I forgot this was back in the day so it was normal to completely trust people like that to stay at their house and not kill them
what is wrong with me I just read this and I was really confused until I realized it meant tear up as in cry not rip apart