All I Didn't Say {Michael Jackson}

All I Didn't Say {Michael Jackson}

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katyqueenx By katyqueenx Updated Nov 29

It all started in Gary (Indiana) with a letter letf on the sidewalk by a girl with long hair and the most beautiful eyes.

"For Michael, the show business wasn't boring or scary anymore because everywhere he went, Aria was with him. She was in every concert, in every rehearsal, every tv show. He knew that she would be backstage to kiss his sweaty cheek after the performances."

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I am glad they finally met. Those notes being left were little treasures. Now she is part of his Entourage wow I love this a great title for this part. Aria got up and flew off the handle like she suppose too. Then Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream? She got it like that? Danq update soon. They a couple
This absolutely great, i love how much depth you put into this story
That was a cute chapter!! I love Aria for saving Michael from that interview 🙄😂