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Insane/evil Youtubers x Reader /❌/(Requests Closed )

Insane/evil Youtubers x Reader /❌/(Requests Closed )

34.5K Reads 628 Votes 26 Part Story
ᏒᏋᏰᏋᏝ By RebelTiger Updated Oct 08, 2018

¡Disclaimer I didn't create these characters the evil versions belong to their respected owners and the youtubers used belong to themselves!
    A book of one-shots. You can request, and I will try my best to write a one-shot.
    youtubers included but not limited to
    Open [ ]
    Closed[ ☆ ]
    If you guys can give  positive feedback that would be amazing .  Any ways I hope you enjoy  :) 
    Also might be a little bit of name calling/cursing involved in some chapters.
    If you don't like,then don't read
    ¡Cover art does not belong to me only the stories! 

¡¡Cover Art belongs to ApplemintArts on Deviantart!!

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