Insane/evil Youtubers x Reader

Insane/evil Youtubers x Reader

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Rebel By RebelTiger Updated Nov 27

¡Disclaimer I didn't create these characters the evil versions belong to their respected owners and the youtubers used belong to themselves!

A book of one-shots. You can request, and I will try my best to write a one-shot.
youtubers included but not limited to

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If you guys can give  positive feedback that would be amazing .  Any ways I hope you enjoy  :) 

Also might be a little bit of name calling/cursing involved in some chapters.

If you don't like,then don't read

¡Cover art does not belong to me only the stories. If any of you know the artist please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.!

Bruh i would've swiped them with my wings I'm that kind of person to do that XDD
The song.... that lines....
                              Take a hint.
                              T-TAKE A HINT, TAKE A HINT~