Hope Vs Despair

Hope Vs Despair

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Despair <3 By QuinnQuinn18 Updated Sep 19

This is a Nagito x reader story, well kinda it seems that the other boy wiil fall in love with the ultimate... I won't tell you. Just read it. 

"Hope is the only thing to save you from Despair." Nagito said sadly.

"What if I don't want to be saved.. what if I don't want hope to save me!" I yelled at Nagito furiously.

"What do you mean (y/n)?" Haijime questioned.

"It means I don't like hope I hate hope more than anything in the world! Hope destroyed my life so I chose despair...at least I can count on that.." I told them angrily.

This is a pretty bad into summary but don't worry the story won't be bad..hopefully.

I do NOT own any characters or pictures in this story. It's only use for entertainment purposes.

Reiracchi Reiracchi Nov 11
yeahh yeahhh Despair is a wonderful things in this world~
                              ... oh... excuse my behaviour....
Words from a wise bear "Just kill, youth doesn't last forever."   -Monokuma
Rynea10 Rynea10 Oct 10
This is actually what I do.
                              Someone once said to me
                              "Do you want this pear?" 
                              And I was all like 
                              "HELL YEAH!!"
                              But I actually don't like pears....
                              I wanted dispair....
ragdoll348 ragdoll348 Jun 19
Luck is amazing. Just saying, if I had a talent it would be annoying people!
Rynea10 Rynea10 Oct 10
Now that I think about it...
                              Does that mean we can guess the murderers and each way they killed someone?
                              Or is that not part of this fanfic?
ragdoll348 ragdoll348 Jun 19
It's "(y/n) and I" sorry, I am obsessed with proper grammar.