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I'll Be There For You

I'll Be There For You

46K Reads 1.6K Votes 50 Part Story
🔥XxBraixenxX🔥 By xXxBraixenGirl20xXx Completed

Serena has become Kalos Queen and is excited to hold her title strong. Well, she once was. An impetuous Braixen, her precious partner, preformed a risky trick that not only costs her leg, but Serena's title as Kalos Queen. Her trainer became the laughing stalk of Kalos and known as the most pathetic Kalos Queen, only holding her title for a week. Amelia was now  everyone's beloved Kalos Queen. Serena comforted her injured Pokemon, telling her it was truly fine while hiding her depression deep in her heart. There was no turning back, Braixen felt she didn't deserve a sympathetic and kind trainer like Serena, she decided to disappear into the wilderness. After Braixen's disappearance, the young honey blonde, was not the same girl everyone knew her as. Her boyfriend, noticing this, sends his fastest Pokemon who's also a dear friend of Braixen, off to find the Vixen Pokemon. What will the Ninja Frog find besides his best friend? What challenges will they face in the future?

Start: April 2016
Finish/Complete: November. 28, 2016


Who else saw the title and thought of the song from 'Friends' I'll be there for you
SW-Alex SW-Alex Jun 05, 2016
Great book and its really dramatic story and that's why I like it
143eeveeumbreon 143eeveeumbreon Sep 14, 2016
I mostly ship other than my friends in my school so I kind of ship them too.....
Lavenderpossessed Lavenderpossessed Jul 11, 2016
I haven't even finished the first and it is the cutest PokemonXYZ story I have ever read! I cried when Serena didn't become Kalos Queen on the latest episode.