Touch Me Alpha

Touch Me Alpha

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Book 5 in the Alpha Series!

I'll Make You Fall In Love With Me,
I'll Lie And I'll Cheat On You,
I'll Break Your Heart, And, 
I'll Move Onto The Next Girl,
No Guilt.- Vincent Blake
"I'll make you fall for me, baby" he nuzzles his face in between my shoulder and neck.

I freeze.

"Can you move back?" I whispered ignoring the shiver I felt, as he planted small kisses on my neck, leading towards my jaw.

"What's the magic word, baby?" He whispered, trailing kisses towards my mouth.

"I love Vincent" he stepped back. I didn't mean it. I was scared. He had this glint in his eyes, as if he knew something I didn't.

"Good. Now, I'll make sure you say it, like you mean it." He mumbled walking away.


Vincent Blake wants his mate, but she doesn't want nothing to do with the player. 

All she wants is, to spend her last year in high school, in peace.

But Vincent doesn't want that... 

And Vincent gets, 
What Vincent wants.
Amazing cover by- @Driftingoceans

Oh for a second I thought I was probably reading the exact same book
Isn't it 
                              What Vincent wants 
                              Vincent gets 
                              Bc ya know,it makes more sense
animeismehbae animeismehbae Jun 10, 2016
i love all ur books so  I am very sure I will fall in love with this one very very quickly :D
Skittles_1015 Skittles_1015 Jun 10, 2016
Thanks so much for the book but I really do like it if it's Vincent's POV it's just my opinion cuz its all new to me....but plz do what you think is right😁
XxxNicolexxX1 XxxNicolexxX1 Dec 22, 2016
The 'No Guilt' bit cracks me up! Was it just me or did anyone else read it like in a deep Kanye West type voice
gallywinkle gallywinkle Jun 10, 2016
Wow sounds cool can't wait to know y she doesn't  Vincent is her mate.....