❧Greens And Blues (lapidot)❧

❧Greens And Blues (lapidot)❧

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❦ Chlo ❦ By Chansaw Completed

It's her hair and her eyes today 
that just simply take me away 
and the feeling that i'm falling further in love 
makes me shiver but in a good way
all the times i have sat and stared 
as she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair
and she purses her lips, bats her eyes as she plays,
with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say 
cause i love her with all that i am 
and my voice shakes along with my hands 
cause she's all that I see and she's all that I need
and i'm out of my league once again

[ Steven Universe does not belong to me. Credit to all the artists that have had their work displayed in this book. ]

Cover design by @LapidotFreak

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Lemon_Rock Lemon_Rock Apr 15, 2017
Wait... If Pearl's gem displays her dreams as a hologram (cuz her gem is on her head) does the same occur to Peridot?
I literally just imagined Lapis spinning like a ballerina * Lapis spins by *.......yea..... o-o
aDyslexicCunt aDyslexicCunt Aug 16, 2017
The tower is called a silo. They are used mostly for grain storage
CiaraM11 CiaraM11 Feb 01
                              BUT SHE IS STILL AWAKE
                              SHE KNOWS IF YOUVE BEEN BAD OR GOOD
                              SO RUN FOR FCKS SAKE
FairyTail_Nerd FairyTail_Nerd Jan 18, 2017
Why was she sleeping? She doesnt seem like she would be the kind of gem to sleep
sebasneitorss2 sebasneitorss2 Mar 03, 2017
Damm she waked up from her sleep Just because footsteps? I wish i had that sensative hearing *sorry for bad english*