Percico At Hogwarts

Percico At Hogwarts

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What if Percy turned out to de the grandson of Voldemort? What if he and Nico ended up at Hogwarts and now Nico wasn't the one everyone looked at as if he was covered in guts of innocent people? 

This fiction happens in the 4 book and efther the Gaea (?) war. 
Nico will be 15 and Percy will be 17 because that the only ages that made sens in the story.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson do not belong to me! Well outside of my dreams that is.

(Is in the process of being edited)

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She_Devil666 She_Devil666 Dec 17, 2017
“Percy evil and I know it!”
                              He sounds like a five year old here.
                              Also, drarry?
itsyamaidenArtemis itsyamaidenArtemis Nov 29, 2017
Hold up. Percy is staying with Hermione?
                              Y'all don't know how much I want to ship it
Dalar_Rose Dalar_Rose Jan 10
Dare. You are saying dear as in ‘Dear Mr Weasley I wish to inform you of blah blah blah.’
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Dec 21, 2017
Then is a word that shows sequence of events or a time something happened, while than is comparison.
MythDefender MythDefender Aug 14, 2017 Harry, that's mean, you KNOW Nagini ate voldyshorts nose
Try making a new paragraph each time a new person speaks. It makes it easier to know who is speaking.