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My Baby, Niall 🌸 Niam [Age-Play/AU]

My Baby, Niall 🌸 Niam [Age-Play/AU]

18.5K Reads 988 Votes 21 Part Story
🌸Robbi Horayne🌸 By -NiamsDirection- Completed


"I'm not your baby, liam, now stop calling me that!'

"but baby.. you want your daddy to take care of you, don't you?"

"no, liam, stop! you're trying to get in my head, just stop!"

"I know you want me though, baby, I know that I want you.."

"liam.. please.."

"just be my baby, niall.. I want to treat and love you like that.."

"if I agree can we atop arguing, Liam.."

"of course! but please, call me Li or Daddy, baby.."

[Told in Niall's POV, for the most part]
* * *

Cover by: -ohnoniall

contains: age-play, strong language, kinks, boyxboy

cptnrogers cptnrogers Jul 27, 2016
THIS IS SOOOO CUUUUUUTE, I love age play and Niall is gonna be the cutest thing. I love how Liam is so emotionally invested and Niall is so innocent and doesn't even know! I'm so excited to see what happens and for Liam to baby him TBH. Spoil tf out of him, Li, he deserves it. Love this & you!!
ChenGina410 ChenGina410 Dec 13, 2016
You do know what we do with downers in wellington wells dont you? We give them a jolly good trashing until they take their joy. (We Happy Few reference if ya didnt get it)
AshleeK03 AshleeK03 Dec 31, 2016
Dude he has a cute butt but he's gonna find that Pic one day
AshleeK03 AshleeK03 Dec 31, 2016
It will be bloody cute and how cute would clingy Niall be?😍