Morning Moon

Morning Moon

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craziiwolf By craziiwolf Updated Oct 15

Based off the artwork of my Haikyuu werewolf au:

Hunters and werewolves have been enemies for centuries, fighting each other whenever their eyes meet.

What happens when one hunter encounters a werewolf who doesn't attack?


When it's the one this hunter saw when he was a child...

kirsch-tein kirsch-tein Oct 05
gg oikawa u got yourself killed and now ur bf is stuck with a blueberry. truly incredible
ohkaykags ohkaykags 3 days ago
Daichi wo fumishimete kimi wa mezameteiku, Tenshi no hohoemi de tsuredashite!
SaltyDerp SaltyDerp Nov 20
Basiclly Ash asking Pikachu something, how do they understand each other
please update! best haikyu fanfiction ive read in a while :3
you friggin idiot, you just got shot by humans because you howled in the daytime and literally everyone who is not deaf in both ears at the same time can hear you howling
Never listen to cats. It tried to kill me once. Thus making me hate cats...and lotion. Don't ask.