Sold to the Gang

Sold to the Gang

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dembooks02 By dembooks02 Updated Aug 09

Sofia is dragged into deep trouble because of her father ...

She gets sold to a gang ...
Cole is the Gangleader , Sofia's dad ows him a lot of money , more than what he will ever have , Cole somehow discovers Sofia , he instantly decides he will have her instead of the money .
Fights are developed , Secrets are uncovered and a bond between the both of them is discovered , they both obliviously try making their way to love , although love is not that easy , certainly not for a normal girl and a gang leader .

* initial idea of the book is not mine , but parts on it are created by me , this is an exclaimer for people who do comment on it *

Not to brag but it's only like a little bit bigger than my house
weitia03 weitia03 Apr 06
Because I'm weird, I tend to look up mansions in Google images, and imagine the house I would have if I had the money...
mistakekids mistakekids May 27
I would have said "hey stop that. I may hate your guts, but I don't want to hear you bitching about your knuckles breaking" but this book isn't me so continue
mxnn3_287 mxnn3_287 Aug 11
Luv it!! But I think it resembled a story I just read in chapter 1
ChicaDica13 ChicaDica13 Feb 06
Woah I am looking around my house and I realized how sad it looks compared to this
Alix_Collen Alix_Collen Oct 16, 2016
I'm special BC I can hurt my self in almost every way possible even with a plastic knife