Fighting Fate (Defying Fate #2)

Fighting Fate (Defying Fate #2)

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TabithaLeRaye By TabithaLeRaye Updated Jul 16

It's been three weeks since Riley left her old world behind to follow her new destiny with Luke, the Alpha who not only saved her heart but also her life after her mate nearly cost her everything. Riley is getting a second chance at life and love, but she's also going through a major adjustment period. What does it even mean to be an Alpha Female, and what has her lowlife former mate been up to since she left? She can't help but feel like the world she left behind is going to catch up and ruin everything.

Alpha Luke is trying to restore his good name with the pack he all but abandoned following the death of his mate years ago, but he can't help worrying that this state of bliss he's achieved is on shaky ground. As long as Tyler's still on the lose, Riley can't be safe.

Sierra is feeling lost after following her best friend to a new life, and that feeling isn't eased by the arrogant tool of a male she's been running into an awful lot lately. 

Aubrey is inexplicably drawn to a mysterious freelancer hired by Luke to help the cause against Tyler, but isn't it a little too convenient that he shows up just at the time she's the most vulnerable?

Meanwhile, Tyler is thirsting for blood and entirely too willing to destroy everything around him, even himself, in the name of revenge.

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AlphaWolf120 AlphaWolf120 Oct 06, 2016
I want to see Aubry I think thats her name fine her mate as the beta of his pack
Sisi_luvs_you Sisi_luvs_you Jun 04, 2016
I'm hoping to see how Riley develops and reacts to her and Luke's relationship. I'm also eagerly looking forward to..maybe...Tyler's revenge