The CRAZIEST Summer Of My Life. A Tmnt Leo X Reader Story.

The CRAZIEST Summer Of My Life. A Tmnt Leo X Reader Story.

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Youngwritergirl2 By Youngwritergirl2 Updated Nov 28, 2017

Wazzup POTATOES!! I saw a bunch of these on Wattpad and thought, "Why not." so here we are! FYI, I haven't really watched tmnt in a while, so I'm just wingin' it. Here we go.

16 year old (Y/n) (L/n) is seeking refuge with her little brother at her grandfather's old cabin in the woods just a few miles away from New York after an alien invasion broke loose in the city. Having to fend for herself and her brother,
(Y/n) often travels into the forest to search for food and supplies. But one trip into the woods changes her life. Forever. 


P. S. Enjoy the story and have some free pudding filled cupcakes.

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  • april
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  • raph
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Maguen_21 Maguen_21 Feb 13
I have a little bro too, our names are kinda weird cause my parent chose them by meaning so yeah...anyway, his name is Edvir Jimènez
They see me rollin' they haten'
                              Patrollin' they trien' to catch me
                              riden dirty....😎
VioletTheFireFox VioletTheFireFox Jun 29, 2017
I am preety good with bow and arrows but I prefer a katana... but it's ok...
SparklyGirl1 SparklyGirl1 Apr 12, 2017
...I've never had a bow and arrow before! *grabs bow and arrow* *starts getting over excited* Hey mom! Check this out. *is aiming for random target but ends up shooting foot by mistake* *screams in pain* m-mother? *passes out*
Kittykaddypaw Kittykaddypaw Sep 02, 2017
lol, my mom would throw me at them and take my lil bro to safety
LunaxToby LunaxToby Mar 12
What's the name of a bo staff with a chain at the end? Its one of the weapons Splinter showed April when she was looking for her weapon