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Frozen In Time | a Lexa/You Fanfiction

Frozen In Time | a Lexa/You Fanfiction

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*\(^o^)/* By unbrokenreflection Completed

Born in 2020. 
Frozen in time in 2038. 
Nuclear Apocalypse in 2052... wait, what? 


I wasn't supposed to wake up this early. I had another 15 years left yet. But that didn't matter. What mattered was that I had woken up in an entirely different world from what I expected. 

There weren't robots or flying cars, no way. Instead, there were these really scary people with scars and face paint, and I had no idea where I was. 


Y/F/N woke up 15 years earlier than she was supposed to. Being frozen in time was never on her to-do list, but if it meant supporting her parents in a possible groundbreaking discovery, then she was all for it. However, that was with the expectation of waking up in the future. 

So, how come when she woke up, it was like she took a step into the past?

_BadBish _BadBish Apr 15
OH MY GOD I AM SO DED....I kind of want this to continue tho
You know, this book is actually what got me into The 100. So I'm very thankful to you, Author/Heda. (TBH you should be WattHeda - the Commander of Wattpad) 🙏👌👏
ohandy ohandy Jan 29
Hey Lexa, I'm Antoinette, call me Andy, I'll call you PAPI :)))
It's alive!!!
                              That's what my father said when I was born, there is a video of him holding me with no more than one day and him saying 'It's alive' Frankenstein style.
                              I swear he is not crazy, just a bit 
                              cinematically-Dramatic, I got it from him