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A Beautiful Rose With Deadly Thorns [Book 1] (NarutoFanFic)

A Beautiful Rose With Deadly Thorns [Book 1] (NarutoFanFic)

37.7K Reads 1.5K Votes 40 Part Story
xXAnimeIsMyThingXx By _FictionIsBetter_ Completed

Tsukino Setsuko, a girl with a mysterious personality but at times, she is quite cheerful. A Konoha shinobi brought her to where she would most likely love, Konoha. She stayed there and spent time with her dear friends who helped her remove the problems she once had.

But.. What if that beautiful girl can be so dangerous?

If that girl is so secretive? 

Will she allow herself to let darkness and hatred take over her? Or will her friends drive it away from her?


Read the story to find out!

-I don't own Naruto/Naruto Shippuden characters or their plot.

["Everything That Matters" is The Second Book which is now published.]

cj_kkaebsong cj_kkaebsong 4 days ago
Handsome: Itachi, Kakashi, Sasori
                              Pretty: Hinata, Sakura, Ino
The person on the cover sorta looks like me.... brown wavy hair.... green/gray eyes
RanaBluePenguin RanaBluePenguin 3 days ago
Handsome : Itachi,Sasuke,Kakashi,Kiba,and Sasori
                              Pretty :Hinata,Ino
TRP_Rae TRP_Rae Mar 18
Handsome: Yahiko, Kakashi, Itachi
                              Beautiful: Kurenai, Kushina, HAKU
Sasori Gaara Shino Kiba Akamaru Shikamaru Itachi Pein Tobi = handsome 
                              Hinata Ten Ten Temari Konan Tsunade = pretty
How is it that I've never found this story before? 
                              Liek, this is a 40 Page book and it's complete. 
                              Liek ahhhhhhhhh~! 
                              GOOD STORY AUTHOR~SAMA!