Fuck You, Pay Me || YG400

Fuck You, Pay Me || YG400

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Rhyme (YG) owns one of the biggest black owned brothels in Las Vegas. He has everyone under his roof under his thumb. Whatever rule he puts in effect goes. What happens when 16 year old Royalty comes in and changes everything?

More detailed description in story.

All events and characters in this particular piece of work are fictional.

We really just gonna ignore the fact that baby just basically said she a prostitute?
xxlaphiixx xxlaphiixx Feb 15
She didnt hear her say they  bought her? When you're too clueless for your own good tf wrong with her 😂
You see. You don't do that with Jamaican moms. Would have died right there.
bxbygirls- bxbygirls- 6 days ago
Wait I heard a story like this it was so sad😭😩🤦🏽‍♀️
It's good that you @GenHope  presented the statistics behind your exploration of this particular issue. Leaves a lot of food for thought, a reference point from which reconsideration on past judgments can come about.
How? I make it my point of duty to be aware of my environment at all times. Especially if it's unfamiliar.