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Strange Heritage [Blue Exorcist Fanfic] (boyxboy)

Strange Heritage [Blue Exorcist Fanfic] (boyxboy)

9.2K Reads 603 Votes 15 Part Story
QWilliamSikes By QWilliamSikes Updated Dec 21, 2018

Nearly every exorcist has heard of Rin and Yukio, the twin sons of Satan who fought against him, saving the world when they destroyed a giant portal to the underworld. To the land of demons, monsters, and beasts.

Mephisto and Amaimon are the only other known sons of Satan to the young brothers, though they knew there were others hiding in the land of demons.

Yet nothing could possibly prepare them for the challenges of learning the demonic ways of honor and culture, to connect with their blood and gain a better understanding of future opponents.

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