My Omega

My Omega

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Antheia, named after the goddess of flowers, was the most powerful alpha, and one of the few female alphas in the world. She was strong courageous and despite being powerful, she was kind.
Others respected her greatly as she did them. There wasn't one person in the werewolf community that hadn't heard of her greatness and beauty. All except one.
Pollux was an ordinary werewolf boy. He lived in a small seaside village called Triton. The pack he belonged to was small, not that he interacted with the pack much. Pollux was the only omega of the tiny pack and was often left out of everyday pack life. He lived with his mother Mania. He was also kind as he cared for his mother greatly. 
The two were unlikely to meet, in fact, most of the wolves would have believed it impossible. Had he not been the hero they needed. 
Pollux's pack were ravished by rogues, although they did not understand why, they knew they needed help.
When Antheia is contacted by a tiny pack in need of her help she accepts immediately and vows to protect the pack at all costs. She adopts the pack as her own. Only there are two members missing. 
She learns of a seemingly unimportant omega and his grief-stricken mother. She sets off to find them and bring them to safety. 
What she finds will surprise even the wisest of wolves and has her questioning the motives of the gods. 

Who is this omega and why is his fate so important?

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