Best Friends,with benefits?

Best Friends,with benefits?

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Chelsea Hogan By chelsxo Updated Aug 05, 2013

Chloe Edwards and Tom Hemsworth have been best friends for over 8 years but they have been unseperable ever since they were 9 years old.

But what happens when they start to take friendship to the next level,will they start to develop feelings for eachother or will things turn out horribly wrong?


"God i hate you so much sometimes that it hurts!" i screamed at him

next thing i know his lips are connected with mine and my back is now pinned to the wall.The kiss starts to get more passionate and he lifts me up so now my legs are wrapped around his waist.I feel myself being carried somewhere which im guessing is the bed when my back hits the soft material. he breaks the kiss and i feel his lips make there way down my neck

"you dont hate me" he whispered in my ear......

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FfionJones1234 FfionJones1234 Aug 03, 2017
If this is how funny the first chapter is then i can't wait for the rest 😂
oNion_mUnchEr oNion_mUnchEr Jun 17, 2017
Throw the brick at him. If he can't treat you right, he doesn't deserve to be treated right either
whatchutalkinbout whatchutalkinbout Feb 11, 2017
I read before instead of after so I sat here for 10min wondering how the hell worked and then i read it over.
- - Feb 15, 2017
😂😂😂dude, tell me about it!!! No seriously, I wanna compare my morning disasters with yours. Anyway, so the food jumped on you? That's new XD Mine would too
shipper-God shipper-God Dec 02, 2016
Men he should have said a tornado flew around the room before you came in
mrsalyssagrimes mrsalyssagrimes Jul 31, 2016
Uh  ok awkward the showers that way right is cold yeah ok bye felisha