Online  -WildLadd or MiniCat   {#Wattys2016}

Online -WildLadd or MiniCat {#Wattys2016}

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Frow Frow~ By BadassFreakShow Completed

This is a Virtual Reality type fanfic. It's going to have WildLadd (or MiniCat), Vanlirious (or H2OVanoss, whichever floats your boat), DaithiDeCalibre (or DaithiDeLui), TerrorSnuckle (idk it's other ship name), and BasicallyIDoDroidd (idk it's other ship name). This story is mainly going to be on Mini's PoV, but it'll change every-once-in-a-while. I'm sorry for my shit writing in advance.

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Evan better be an angel so he gets them owl wings
                              seriously if Angel is a choice why would you ever pick anything else? Who wouldn't want to fly?
I want to be A demon Shapeshifter...but what about a demon priest...the two words don't fit together😂
prediction: Mini and Ty meet in-game, fall in wuv, then in real life Ty starts being less of a jerk until they realize they're the same people from in-game, bam tru wuv, kinda miraculous-ladybug-ish
llosgi llosgi Apr 01
As soon as I read "I feel a rush of adrenaline..." The Pandora add where someone reads about an adrenaline rush said that
Why does everyone want to stay after to talk to the teacher??? I'm always nervous that my teacher is going to ask me to stay after! 😂😂😨😵
xerodiu xerodiu Dec 17, 2016
S h i t this is literally sao if they get stuck I'll sob sao gave me too many feelings