headphones ¤ kax

headphones ¤ kax

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jax is a loud mouthed, over confident, DJ who's trying to prove his worth at keaton.

kit is a shy, observed, DJ who's trying not to let her emotions slip through.

"i don't tell people i love them anymore because every person i tell it to, they end up leaving me anyway."

i love scarlett and im ignoring bianca rn because i have faith (bcuz you told me what happens lol)
backstages backstages Jul 22
kit is literally the cutest thing ever ?? her and jax are already killing me so, thanks, i love death and being dead.
backstages backstages Jul 22
bianca = cancelled forever
                              also i feel for kit so much oh my gosh, poor baby.
                              also scarlett x kit moments amazing
Pleassedeeees make a epilogue pleadereeeeee I just need a good ending
Gahhhhhhh I have been looking for a kax story the since the day backstage came out !!
Whoa, talk about a cliffhanger 😂 is Kit going to talk to Jax any time soon?