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SMILEY:) By madeleinesmileyface Updated Apr 22

Hi, I'm not exactly your average teenage girl. My hobbies include swimming, luring people in with under my voice, eating flesh and what's funny about all of this is I'm a mermaid. As you can see mermaids aren't exactly friendly and we don't come up to the surface unless it's for a nice snack. We're not the only weird beings, though. All those fairy tales you grew up hearing are true.
      We do have mates like werewolves and werecats but it's not really the same. Mermaids rarely get mates because we never live over 3 months before being eaten by our siblings. I know, fun life. I'm one of the lucky ones.
      My mother who was also lucky to live found her mate coming up to get some finger food. But for some weird reason, my mom was blessed with a Vampire mate. I haven't seen him in almost 15 years. My mom recently has been getting horrible sicknesses due to his absence so tomorrow I'm going to meet him for the first time. On land. In the human world. Crap! I'm going to have legs!
      My name is Diamond Hakai and this is my story

That would be awesome 😂 YOOO YOU WOULD SEE YOUR CRUSH NAKED AND BE LIKE MMMMM SEE YOU GOT SOMETHING BIG 😬😹 I was talking about a heart. a big heart.
ashyb1976 ashyb1976 Mar 23
My math teacher is Hungarian... With a bloody strong accent...  My nightmare
animegamer1 animegamer1 Mar 22
U sad sad child😭 ur about to experience the worst headache ever😢🤕🤕😭