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3/7: Today in school was nothing special, nothing to report from any classes regarding what I learned. I have however observed a new person a little more closely. His name: Mark Fischbach. 

I have seen him around before but I never made the effort to closely study him. He seems different than most other boys at this school, he's kinder and he treats everyone equally, most boys would only talk to girls if they want to get into their pants. Mark treats them with respect, and I give him credit for that, it's not often where you meet a guy like that.

But what gets me every time, is the fact that he isn't dating anyone. He is charming and good looking, why doesn't he have a girlfriend?

Aside from the dating aspect of him, he seems to lack intelligence, I know he has the power in him to do great work, but he doesn't want to make the effort.

I'm going to continue observing him, he seems to be a mystery like me. I want to crack the code that is Mark Fischbach.

~Sean (Jack) McLoughlin

(cover credit to the lovely: Chie_Lynn!)

MalloMore MalloMore Aug 13, 2016
WTF. ?............ how is that possible
                              How could u get 42 out of 40.
swiftstar89 swiftstar89 Jul 27, 2016
Of course I got an A. Oh and Midori wants to be a video game engineer? YANDERE SIMULATOR
ShippinPastSunset ShippinPastSunset Sep 14, 2016
I read all of Jack's parts in Data's voice (Star Trek whyyy)
candykayla candykayla Sep 14, 2016
I'm lucky if I get above 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally named people I listen to when painting in the studio