The Omega's Luna

The Omega's Luna

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Valiryn Queen By valiryn Completed

A low ranking omega.
A high ranking alpha.

A mistake that changed his life.
 A mating that changed hers.

Throw in a jealous twin brother.
Some badass friends and you have a story of a lifetime.

This is my first story and I know it has a lot of mistakes and it probably sucks but please check it out.
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demgracer demgracer Mar 21
I LOVE THE TWIST!! UGH... FINALLY!!! IT'S THE OPPOSITE!! i can finally rest in peace ^_^
                              lol... JK
                              i won't finish this amazing book if i did that ;P
leah_boylan123 leah_boylan123 Aug 18, 2016
Omg this book is amazing!! If u want the truth the only reason I would read it was because I saw ur msg about if I look at ur book u would look at mine! But I'm going to continue reading this
hish_r hish_r Sep 13, 2016
I like it. It's like the total opposite of the usual werewolf books I read. Usually it's  the girl that's bullied, here it's the guy. Awesome and innovative!
Bielieby Bielieby Aug 21, 2016
My Gosh!..I felt scared reading it a first cuz am more of a chick flick reader but I sure am liking,its Superb.Thumbs up!!
_YukiOna_ _YukiOna_ Aug 21, 2016
I like the setting but there are a few errors which make it a little hard to fully picture what you are wanting the reader to see but other than that I like it so far.
Aisha_Adnan_ Aisha_Adnan_ Sep 18, 2016
My heart broke while reading this chapter 😢 keep up the good work. Just a piece of advice do proof read the chapter before publishing! This is amazing I love it