Savage Love

Savage Love

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Tmnt Fangirl By Raphewel122 Completed

Donnie and Raph were a couple for 2 years. And all Donnie did was abuse Raph. One day Raph caught Donnie cheating and they split up. Raph then fell in love with Leo but Donnie wasn't to happy about it. Read how Donnie and Leo fight over each other for Raphs love. Who will win? And who will fall?

This book was inspired by my Donnie x Raph Oneshots on my tcest Oneshots book. If you haven't read those Oneshots please do, people seem to love them.

This is a Leo x Raph x Donnie

OptimusxRatchet1 OptimusxRatchet1 5 days ago
Donnie~ GET YOUR ADS OVER HERE (beats the shot out of him) how do I like it (walks away with shades and explosives.)
Oh hell no you do not do that too my hommie raph b*tch * pounches on donnie like a Freaking Puma *