Guardian (Sequel to Fearless)

Guardian (Sequel to Fearless)

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Haley Netherton By squigmo Completed

One year. It had been one year since Iris Gwenneth became the first heroine of Eldia --one year since her life took a dramatic turn for the better. And in this one year, she'd found meaning in the days that had once had none. Iris had a new job, one she adored. She was Rogue Captain Gwenneth of the Eldian army. She had a new betrothed, one she also adored. 

Everything was wonderful... until it wasn't.

In a tale of friendship, adventure, and action, Iris will find that there might be more to life than being a simple captain --a war soldier of the front lines. She will figure out that her life, her desires, and her heart are not so set in stone. She will find that the world around her harbors far more secrets than she ever believed possible. 

In a tale of realization and self-growth, Iris will realize that she never truly was a hard-hearted soldier as the stories claimed. No. Her calling was to fight for the ones she loved. 

In this new chapter of her life, Iris will discover what it means not to become some steely-eyed, merciless commander... 

...but to become a guardian.

  • action
  • army
  • discovery
  • fearless
  • fight
  • friendship
  • growth
  • guardian
  • love
  • maturing
  • mulan
  • oath
  • rogue
  • sequel
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  • squigmo
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Musicman83 Musicman83 Jun 27
Heh, should have known she'd become a Remorda Guardian from the title. Sounds good so far.
Is it okay if I mention this book and the first book on my book? It's a book that recommends books and I loved the first one.
lacuuna lacuuna Aug 09
i honestly want to know more about kayde. and i dont ship kayde and iris bc agh i just dont feel it and iris will also be doing the same thing to zayn that was done to her. i want kayde to have a happy life and set partner.
Oh gwenneth??-.- I really like this book pero ung pangalan...aghh-.-
lacuuna lacuuna Aug 09
hey i've always wondered what do wattpad authors do when they're work is stolen. what type of legal action ?