Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

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We've all heard the story about Red Riding Hood and the Wolf haven't we? Red Riding Hood is an innocent little girl who ventures into the forest to take her grandma some cookies, when the Wolf ends up following her and eating them both. Then the kindly woodcutter frees them from the Wolf's belly and they all live happily ever after, right?
Number 1: Red Riding Hood is a Ranger
Number 2: The Big Bad Wolf is the son of an Alpha
Number 3: They're mates


She goes by the name Devil's Rose
Feared by werewolves
A celebrity among Rangers
They say she never misses a shot
Those who become her target never make it out alive
Does she truly have a heart of stone?

He is the son of the most powerful pack in all of California. 
Ruthless in battle
A monster feared by all
Glory is showered upon the few who escape his wrath
They say the monster within has no Fated
Are the rumors true?

They say opposites attract. These two could not be more different. But Fate has a way of taking your expectations, screwing them up, and chucking them in the fire, sending everything into a raging inferno. After all, what's a good love story without a bit of drama, right?

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I KNOW THAT PLACE... well not rly but still...LORD OF DA RINGS/THE HOBBIT💗💗💗
sarcasm_queen01 sarcasm_queen01 Jun 30, 2016
Just letting you guys know, Werewolf Hunter's are being renamed Rangers, just a note :P