Break My Chains (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi)

Break My Chains (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi)

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Dbzvegeta1 By Dbzvegeta1 Updated 6 days ago

A single mistake defines Kakarot's entire existence. 
For years it rules over him in the form of an abusive relationship and scraps of haunting memories from a distant past filled with extremities of both pleasure and pain. 
The consequences that stem from this one choice he made so long ago twist him into a shell of his former self... unable to trust or let love into his heart again.
How could something that felt so right at the time turn out so horribly wrong?
All he ever wanted was to love and to be loved...

***WARNING: This story contains descriptive yaoi, so if you don't know what that means, please do a quick google search before reading! If you don't like this kind of thing then please don't read!

Special thanks to Aria-chan59 for making the cover of this book!!! ;)

HayleyDBZ HayleyDBZ Jun 04
                              IF THIS IS POOR GOKU..
                              HE IS THE BEST 
                              BESIDES VEGETA
GokuYaoi GokuYaoi Jun 06
Oh my gosh, I love this already! ^-^ This is so interesting, can't wait to see the next awesome chapter! :3 Good job!
This is one of the many fanfics that is inspiring me to write one myself. Good job on details and descriptions !
Leave him along ! ( she's enjoying this ) WHY !!!...Spare him !(T⌓T)
Purpleice27 Purpleice27 Jul 22
😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 w.... What Bardock what now!?!?!?!  And ummmmm........... 😓😓😓😓😓😓
I start reading and this is what i get nightmares for years....