The Killing Mime

The Killing Mime

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Wings-of-Insanity By Wings-of-Insanity Updated Dec 25, 2016

Mimes are Mute
They don't Speak
We just Act.
We Kill.
Oops... *giggles*

Mins Fathomless. Troubled child. Lost everything she ever cared for at an early age. Decided to make her own rules in life. Total badass (excelled in badassery 101), gang leader of The Killing Mimes, and insanity is one of her BFFs ever. What more could she want?

Lash Ryder. Typical bad boy: sexy, cocky, arrogant. Girls that worship him (on the ground he walks on and in bed). Bad attitude, bad grades, a father he despises, but otherwise than that, an amazing life. Many people fear him, he has the power and money, leader of the Black Bandannas. What more could he ask for?

A crazed, lunatic, badass meeting a sexy, cocky, arrogant bad boy? Positively sure that a few giggles will be heard. Only thing is, it's not known whether it will be from lust...or insanity.


This is my first book. The first few chapters are kinda cringe worthy, but please give it a chance. ✌🏼️

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- - Dec 12, 2016
Okay, so I did not see that coming! They came up with a whole elaborate scheme! This is really good so far!
twilightluvr101 twilightluvr101 Dec 23, 2016
Those crusty lips aren't touching that weak dic-
                              Author Chan: language
                              that weak candy cane?
                              Author chan: hm it is close to Christmas
Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Nov 23, 2016
Muchas Gracias! Hope to here from you soon! Have a good day! 😁✌🏼️
-bxllshit- -bxllshit- Nov 27, 2016
I am confused is the guy that died the old gang leader and her real father?
twilightluvr101 twilightluvr101 Dec 23, 2016
It's an honor to read this piece of art. THANKS X 1000000 for creating this authorchan ❤
TheSalvioHexia TheSalvioHexia Jun 15, 2016
She is fierce I would've been like "where is mommy "*cries * I'm weird