Yes Daddy // myg

Yes Daddy // myg

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「JiLiRi 」 By -aexthetic Updated Aug 26

"(y/n) get down on your knees"

"Yes daddy~"


His white, pale skin, it looks like sugar. His soft, pink lips, I want to kiss them so badly. I want him to call me baby girl, I want him to spoil me, I want him to treat me like a delicate child.

I want to call him daddy.

But I'm just a high school student who does nothing but sit in the back of the classroom and dream about naughty fantasies.

He will never notice me, the only time I ever see him is in the hallways.

He already has a ton of girls chasing him, it's impossible for him to notice me.

All I can do is sit at the back of the classroom and let my dirty fantasies go wild...

...... to bad yoongi.... but damn that's super embarrassing.....
Is there suppose to be nothing?? Cuz there is literally nothing on the page? Is it just me?
NiniDon NiniDon Aug 27
He's so tall and handsome as hell
                              He's so bad but he does it so well
The word tall that describe Yoongi is like a I was like dafuq? Tall? Yonngi? Impossible😂