Wolf Queen - Formally I'm the Next Alpha?!

Wolf Queen - Formally I'm the Next Alpha?!

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Charly By Zatanna135 Updated Dec 14, 2017

The world has ended.

Mankind is dead.

Wolves roam the night.

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tmzm1234567 tmzm1234567 Dec 08, 2013
I was wondering if ur going to continue I'm the next alpha because it was a great book
Zatanna135 Zatanna135 Jan 31, 2011
@tashywashy so do u like were the stories going? and no prob for dedicating ! :)
sunsetbeach sunsetbeach Jan 07, 2011
i think i've read this before. :P
                              but never left a comment, so i'll do that now.
                              This is a very good start.
                              i like the name too. bahah :)
jamilla_ jamilla_ Dec 24, 2010
i like this,,,, u ended with a cliffy...good job
                              u should work on your punctuation, spelling and sentence structures.
                              also, not because someone is shouting... means you have to put it in ALL CAPS.
                              lol even if it is more fun to write like that :) 
AoiKansai AoiKansai Dec 20, 2010
I like it!
                              can you tell me what you think about my first story please! 
                              Thanks! xoxox