[tyler joseph] he's only not until he is.

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JoshDunsToothBrush JoshDunsToothBrush Oct 22, 2017
Is this gonna be about all of Tyler's body parts? Can you please do what everyone's thinking now? 😂😂
byerrs byerrs May 18, 2017
Tbh band members have taken control of my life; Like I have no say anymore
katieisahoe katieisahoe Aug 21, 2017
once upon a time, not that long ago i wad a hoe AND I'M ADMITTING ITTTTTT
shadow-of-a-thought shadow-of-a-thought Aug 27, 2017
This is exactly what i do. No one believes me when i say i dont pay attention and i promise i dont suck dick for good grades. Most of my teachers are ladies anyway
xXLauraMairwenXx xXLauraMairwenXx Nov 29, 2017
Hes the most beautiful person on this planet. All his imperfections make him perfect-if thats even possible.
                              No im not obsessed. I just care about him
Jowelleee Jowelleee Jul 09, 2017
I ask the same thing to myself ..
                              Sh!t that boy always gives me the feels