The Elemental Experiment (On Hold)

The Elemental Experiment (On Hold)

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♕ ʟaʊʀa ♕ By NovaNeptune Updated Jan 01

After an incident at a train station, Uriah Woods is taken to Titanium Laboratories, where he is changed and modified. When he awakes, he discovers that he has supernatural powers. But he is not the only one...

He is a candidate in The Elemental Experiment. A program designed to improve the average human and "create" immortals. But how far will they go? 

Join Uriah on his journey in a story filled with magic, love, betrayal, and passion. Is it truly possible to make a simple human immortal?

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Miss-Marshmello Miss-Marshmello Dec 21, 2017
nice going he was trying to save his family but probably screwed everything up
Miss-Marshmello Miss-Marshmello Dec 21, 2017
homeless men don't always stare me down but when the do I start booking it somewhere else before something bad happens
Miss-Marshmello Miss-Marshmello Dec 21, 2017
I'm sorry but something is wrong here really wrong I don't know why but I got a feeling
Miss-Marshmello Miss-Marshmello Dec 21, 2017
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she best don't break his heart or ima break her nose
Kotkoda Kotkoda Jan 15, 2017
This is very nicely formulated and drew me in right away. It's also uniquely brilliant. Great job!
pintobeth pintobeth Oct 01, 2016
oh, this is glorious. It's really well done! We get to see his father and the relationship between them, and there's great foreshadowing with the immortal talk (keeping your heart beating forever). It's super nice!