Bless This Mess (Marauder's era HP fanfic)

Bless This Mess (Marauder's era HP fanfic)

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**Book 1 in the Bally Bloodline Series**

Jasmine Bally, a Muggleborn Ravenclaw going into seventh year, prefers her school life to her home life, even when certain pureblood fanatics discriminate her left, right and centre. Her home life is helpless in her eyes, with a non-existent brother and a father left clinically depressed after the death of his wife, he no longer has the moral to love his daughter, leaving her to fend for herself, at least at Hogwarts she had closure.

For Remus Lupin it is completely opposite. At home he doesn't need to hide his secret. He loves school, his friends are awesome, classes great and the food spectacular, but he is in constant fear that someone will discover his secret. He has always had a crush on a certain Ravenclaw since forever, but has kept his distance, for he is afraid of his condition scaring her. They would be perfect for each other, breaking each other from the cage they built themselves into.

But darkness is coming to the wizarding world, hiding the true beauty of such a place. The closer the war comes, the closer everyone gets to disaster.

"Oh, I go running 'round the Galaxy, baby,
Waiting on my life to come save me.
But there's nothing like Infinity, baby,
It's this MESS that I BLESS when I break free."

**Book 1.5 and 2 complete
Book 2.5 out now**

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well that doesn't make *me* feel self conscious at all thanks sirius
yutta-hey yutta-hey Jun 23, 2016
I had my first kiss after I asked a boy out when I was in second grade (I was about 8)
bookworm10034 bookworm10034 Jul 29, 2016
That's true. When I switched schools it was hard because everyone dated and everything was much more mature. And it was only THIRD grade. Of course, four years later, I still haven't caught up.
Celestial_Spark Celestial_Spark Mar 04, 2016
I haven't had my first kiss I'm saving it thank you very much
What id she was a les that hadn't come out of the closet OF you know what i mean
KittehVader KittehVader Feb 05, 2016
Oh my gosh. NO. Just no. That's what my dad always says and his sensei voice is heavily distorted by his Southern accent. Oi.