Beneath The Skin (Twin Peaks, #1)

Beneath The Skin (Twin Peaks, #1)

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StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Updated Nov 10

New house, new life, new start. 

Lucinda Cartwright's life was thrown into chaos after her father and step mother died. She became the sole provider for her younger sister, Mary-Beth in a single moment. Uncertainty cloaked her and she decided that moving across country would help them have a fresh start. 

Twin Peaks was a quaint and friendly town that seemed very welcoming and accepting of Lucinda and her sister but there are dark secrets in these parts. She will discover that beasts walk with the mortals and when the bodies start to pile up, the fingers start to point towards Callum Wolfe. The man who Lucinda finds herself inexplicably drawn to. 

Attempting to figure out who is behind the brutal murders, Lucinda and Callum struggle to clear his name and keep the people they care about alive. Lines will be drawn, stones will be thrown, and Lucinda will discover quickly that evil is sometimes lurking right beneath the skin.

Cover by @Pananabels

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Or an inebriated party goer looking to attack you in the dark. But what the heck, let's go ahead and blame it on the woodland creatures.
Going into the woods alone at end, easy to get turned around and meet someone .... hindsight I've realized that isn't the original Credence Clearwater Revival version of the song, but the lyrics are on point. 😉
kacijh kacijh Apr 28
Awe wtf😭😭 and I thought she was gonna be a main character... damn
Darn you Avery and so-far-unnamed boyfriend! Why'd you have to go and be a couple of a-holes? Don't worry dearest protagonist, I'm sure after this heartache, and a few more bumps in the road, you will find love again and, undoubtedly,  a new heartthrob to tumble in the sheets with.
Oh my this chapter certainly accelerated my heart beat and curiosity.