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A Badass and A Vampire

A Badass and A Vampire

61.5K Reads 3K Votes 57 Part Story
devonjenae By devonjenae Completed

Charlotte, a seventeen year old straight A high school senior does what she's told (sometimes) but can kick butt hard if she needs to.
Henry Hart also a seventeen year old senior captain of basketball team and Captain Man's sidekick "Teen Danger". He's best friends with Charlotte.
Henry has a secret that know one knows well not until Charlotte gets suspicious.

chenrydanger101 chenrydanger101 Jun 10, 2016
Awesome I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Believe me man👍😝 btw awesome chapter
Chenrylover104 Chenrylover104 Jun 08, 2016
Love this chapter it was so AWESOME!!!!😎😋💜💕💝💗💖
chenrydanger101 chenrydanger101 Jun 10, 2016
Hey it says theres 3 chaoter but cant load. Oh well awesome book
shippslife shippslife Jun 08, 2016
Love it!!!!!OMG!SO PERFECT!
                              Please update it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chenrydanger101 chenrydanger101 Jun 08, 2016
Im in love with it. Plz keep going. Ur awesome. Btw i read falling for my bestie almost every day all over again