Anime Lemons/oneshots!~

Anime Lemons/oneshots!~

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♥ Lemini-Chan ♥ By Lemini2201 Updated Aug 18

Lemons to satisfy your horny needs! 
And oneshots to warm your heart!
But mostly LEMONS!!

Anime that I will do:
- Kuroko no Basket
- Love Stage!
- Dance with Devils
- Diabolik Lovers
- Fairy Tail
- Seikon no Qwaser
- Free!
- Shugo Chara
- Save me Lolipop!
- Honey X Honey Drops
- Kaichou no maid-sama!
- Tight Rope
- Hey Class President!
- Junjou Romantica
- Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
- Mystreet
- Minecraft Diaries
- Nisekoi
- Watamote

I'll throw some of my Oc's in there if I can't think of anything.


Lemini2201 Lemini2201 Aug 12
Oh! Sorry, I haven't seen Seikon no Qwaser for a long time, but I still remember what they look like!
Can you do eris x female reader eris is from an anime called cat planet cuties
It is from sekion no qwaser miyuri is the busty pink haired who makes fun of mafyu and tomo is the busty blue haried who is mayfu's ditzy sister her soma is very powerful and was once possed by gold
Um so I can request any character for reader? Sorry to ask you again
Woah you have a lot of requests already. 0.0  uh anyways I was wondering if you can make a x reader one-shot with Shiki from Dance with Devils?