Anime Lemons/oneshots!~ (REQUESTS ON HOLD)

Anime Lemons/oneshots!~ (REQUESTS ON HOLD)

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♥ Lemini-Chan ♥ By Lemini2201 Updated May 27

Lemons to satisfy your horny needs! 
And oneshots to warm your heart!
But mostly LEMONS!!

Anime that I will do:
- Kuroko no Basket
- Love Stage!
- Dance with Devils
- Diabolik Lovers
- Fairy Tail
- Seikon no Qwaser
- Free!
- Shugo Chara
- Save me Lolipop!
- Honey X Honey Drops
- Kaichou no maid-sama!
- Tight Rope
- Hey Class President!
- Junjou Romantica
- Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
- Mystreet
- Minecraft Diaries
- Nisekoi
- Watamote

I'll throw some of my Oc's in there if I can't think of anything.


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AAAAAAHHHHHH SENPAI IKUTO! The only reason I watched the anime was because of him
I remember you ya little shìt, I read all the shugo Charas!
Ok i hate that anime for 2 reasons .
                              1.they shipped ikuto with that other little girl h*e
                              2. Ikuto is like 18 - 20
                              3. WHAT EVER HER NAME IS IS LIKE 10!! HOW CAN THIS BE?!
Reading this while me little brother is right next to me NO REGRETS!!
Oh Lol that happened when me and my friend went to an arcade we left our little siblings in an ice cream shop...
Oh I love this anime!! When I was young I used to watch this he he! I like ikuto to <3