Sleeping Beauty(Vampire)

Sleeping Beauty(Vampire)

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Tina Anas By Tinah28 Updated Dec 01, 2017

"What? Don't tell me you've never heard of sleeping beauty". He chuckles, shaking his head. 

"I have. The story ends happily, she finally wakes up from eternal sleep, by the kiss of the prince".

"She did in that story. But in this story, there won't be any prince coming to the rescue, and you, my dear Snow White, won't be waking up anytime soon".


When seventeen year old Adela Darwin finds a strange book in her grand mother's attic, she reads it, oblivious to the eternal curse that comes with it. 

She wakes up in a strange world ruled by Vampires, and all Adela wants, is to go home. 

But it doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon. 

And that's when she comes across the mysterious and handsome vampire, Raphael.

He teaches her about the world she finds herself in, and possibly, help her find her way home.

Warning ⚠:Mature Contents

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Precious_Akin Precious_Akin Oct 28, 2017
And I love my granny cause she talks a lot😂 this one this granny isn't talking😂 there must be something wrinkled about her being so quiet😂
MissBurns MissBurns Nov 18, 2017
Just a suggestion try to make a line or something before you start your author's note if you want
Bri2425 Bri2425 Jan 06
I think it’s pretty good! Though the chapter was short and for a second I totally thought that was part of the story and was confused. I like how it’s written and I look forward to reading the rest of the chapters!
rebelwithacxuse rebelwithacxuse Jun 28, 2016
Brown teeth? Ugh, the horror...I really like how you give Adela realistic features like complaint. Your writing is great, and I see very little errors, which is awesome!!! :D
LizzieWildblood LizzieWildblood Jul 27, 2016
Hey , it's a good start to the story. And I'm still interested in reading more. I would put something in though between the end of the chapter and your note. Like -------? Or maybe put your note in bold. ? Just to make sure people can tell it's not a part of the story.  But great start X