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Ben ten omniverse: Special( Ben Tennyson x reader)

Ben ten omniverse: Special( Ben Tennyson x reader)

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Minimoon38 By Minimoon38 Updated Mar 18

You are half human half....(read the story to find out!)
  Anyway, you are (Y/n) (L/n) (Giving the reader options to be creative with themselves!)
  You been best friends with Gwen and Ben, s Ben back in elementary school saved you from a bunch of bullies, you fell in love with the ten year old,but your feelings slowly disappear...but regain it once you meet up with Ben after 5 years has passed.
One day you discovered you have four awesome amazing abilities only an 'extinct' alien race can use.  The alien that were hunting Ben weren't  only going after him and his omnitrix but also.... 
Join Ben in a all new universe, an omniverse were you help each and have each other.
Fighting against  an alien teenage boy who is crazy for you,time traveling,learning about your parents past,  time traveling, pain,love,hate, death and tears!!!!

dokado1106 dokado1106 5 days ago
And I don't watch Naruto but I did watch any other anime😃
Osacora Osacora Dec 03, 2016
"I'll be Hogage someday! Believe it!" Naruto butts in with his fat thumb in the screen.
                              "Naruto?" Y/n obtains his attention.
                              "What?" He growled at the ten-year-old girl with his closed-eye look.
                              "Your in the wrong fandom."
BeautysBlaze BeautysBlaze Jul 13, 2016
Seems great! I 💖 this story already, keep up the good work
Osacora Osacora Dec 03, 2016
Max steel!
                              Okay. I'm bringing way too many fandoms in these comments.