The Alpha's Scarred Mate

The Alpha's Scarred Mate

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"Emotional scars are worse than any physical scar. Physical scars people see what you've gone through, or going through. Emotional, no knows unless you show them. But I don't plan on showing mine. Cause if someone saw them. They'd know how broken I really was."

Max never knew her real parents. They dropped her off at a random doorstep, with nothing except the clothes on her back. She never knew her real name, or anything about who she truly was. But after being in foster care for over 15 years. You kind of just don't give a damn anymore. 

But after being adopted, she meets a guy that not only is a total jackass, but is overly protective and could almost be counted as a stalker. (That is if he didn't live with her.) Her life seems to find a new meaning.

Making his life a living hell.

Travis is the soon to be Alpha of the  Raven pack. He always wanted a mate. But never thought he would get one with a back round, and attitude as massive as hers. Though he knows it'll take some help from the Moon goddess herself, for her to accept him as her mate. He wont give up fighting. Even if she rejects him, he knows he wouldn't stop fighting for her.

But what happens, when her past starts to catch up with her? All the lies start to unravel. And her world turns up side down. Will she accept Travis and herself? Or will she just stay the way shes always been.


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