The Years Add Up - An Aaron X Reader Fanfic

The Years Add Up - An Aaron X Reader Fanfic

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L̶O̶L̶O̶L̶'s̶ B̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ By TheTrueFangirl Completed

♡ Dedicated to a friend ♡

Y/N just moved to MyStreet. She lives next to her brother Garroth and his roommates and meets Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii-Chan. When the girls throw a welcome party for Y/N, she notices a man with black hair, black eyes, and a red jacket. This stranger looks very familiar to someone she knew a long time ago... Could it be the same guy? What will happen...?

Based of of Aphmau's MyStreet, Minecraft Diaries, and Phoenix Drop High

***Discontinued due to loss of interest***

Original Publish: August 28, 2016

CrystalTheMatron CrystalTheMatron Dec 08, 2016
my real name is a bit common and the name that im using now is...not so common
JazzyBread JazzyBread Feb 20
                              Blood red
                              Florence + The Machine
                              Raspberries or Blackberries
JazzyBread JazzyBread Feb 20
Oh no he's hot😂
                              (100th comment. Soz. Just had to say it😋)
katelyn_190_ katelyn_190_ Dec 11, 2016
My name is made up with 2 names just the Os were changed  to a
JazzyBread JazzyBread Feb 20
I highly double anyone would have the same name as me.... but, storyline!
zgarcia5 zgarcia5 Dec 27, 2016
Y/N= Luna Wolf
                              S/F/C=Dark blue
                              F/B= Fallout Boys
                              F/F= Anything Spicy
                              F/V/G= Anything *Mostly Minecraft*