Special Weapon (Asura X Reader Female) #Wattys2016

Special Weapon (Asura X Reader Female) #Wattys2016

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【死】 By Sakamaki_FanFics Completed

Yn was a NOT student at the DWMA. Her soul contained a unique and rare kind of weapon. A weapon that could turn into any form of axe based of the miesters soul Wavelengh.

She sound finds her self involved with witches and pure madness. The people she knows and loves die. She is left all alone with the one who put her through hell.


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clarloves_you clarloves_you Dec 11, 2017
I hate the video. My friend plays it non stop and it’s annoying
gcuz123 gcuz123 Aug 01, 2017
You know that is actoly apart of the goddist bunnys movie about him/her (idk what to put bc he is both) they took that part and made it scarry
Sakamaki_FanFics Sakamaki_FanFics Jun 05, 2016
Congartz to everyone who makes it threw this shifty first chapter. I might redo it when the entire thing is done.