Night Rider [How To Train Your Dragon AU] COMPLETE

Night Rider [How To Train Your Dragon AU] COMPLETE

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GεmιηιΗαddσςκ By GeminiHaddock Completed

Hiccup is the biggest target for bullies, while Astrid is the most popular girl in school. After they're assigned to work on a project together, Astrid starts to realize that there's more to Hiccup then she thought there was. Especially when he reveals to her that he's one of the world's best Dragon Racers, Night Rider.

Modern AU - Hiccstrid - Gemini Haddock - @Brownies-and-Griffins
[Dragons are common in this world like elephants and lions. They are well know and they are wild, but, some people have them as pets and they can also be used for the sport called 'Dragon Racing']

C O M P L E T E 

A/N: If it's not clear yet then let me add that this Mortal AU takes place in the time were the 2nd HTTYD movie took place. I believe since they are still in high school they look the same way they do in the movie but a tid bit younger and more modern. Hope that cleared up a few things like how Hiccup looks and all. Why? Well because it somewhat mentions him in the story as scrawny but it's because he hides muscles under baggy shirts and pants and stuff. He pretty much acts like a nobody to not grad attention to himself. BUT! The story takes out the same way as the first. Pretty much it is the first movie with the characters from the second thrown into a mortal 21st century with dragons as wild common animals.

It goes like this, if a guy doesn't act interested enough towards a girl the girl loses interest, if he acts to interested in a girl he is tagged as desperate. It's tough being a guy, but most guys don't stare they just glance at the same time you look at them. Lol
Is sharp shot a terrible terror that can go to his shoulder but also a big dragon that can wrap his wing on Hayden (hiccup)
I thought he left the dragons. I'm sorry if I'm being mean. I'm not trying to