Falling For The Bad Boy

Falling For The Bad Boy

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TWD By cameronsbabygurl Updated Dec 01, 2016

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Kat was always the good girl. Straight A's. Teachers pet . Friendly type.But the apocalypse changed everything. She's killed and lost but she's always maintained to stay the good person she's always been.

Aaron finds her and rescues her and takes her to the "safe haven" Alexandria. Once she gets there she notices a mysterious boy. Not just any boy. The opposite type of person she's attracted to. The Bad Boy. Carl Grimes.

Everyone says to stay clear of him if you wanna stay sane. But you can't control who you fall for. Even if it's the baddest boy you'll ever meet. Could she be Falling For The Bad Boy....

-Jaida_Riggs- -Jaida_Riggs- Jun 10, 2016
                              Inshane: What?
                              Courtney:Eat a snickers
                              Inshane:WHY Courtney!
                              Courtney:Because you turn inshane when your hungry 
rembertpower rembertpower Jun 25, 2016
I like it so far, can't wait to see...well read what happens next. :)
emily_grimes emily_grimes Nov 06, 2016
Theres a book called THE OUTSIDER and its a great book and i think this one will too because just by reading the discribsticion its sounds great 
-Jaida_Riggs- -Jaida_Riggs- Jun 10, 2016
I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂
                              If that's Ron imma die even more
-Jaida_Riggs- -Jaida_Riggs- Jun 10, 2016
Oh No
                              It's not....
                              It can't be
                              You wouldn't 
                              your gonna
                              aren't you 
                              I really don't like you!
TheGreatAndAwesome TheGreatAndAwesome Jun 05, 2016
I read the bio for this story and I go by Kat at school and home