Shallow Graves

Shallow Graves

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Elise Noble By EliseNoble Updated 4 days ago

To plant a garden is to believe in the future, that's what Dove Hallam's grandmother always told her. But at twenty-two, Dove has neither. Stuck in a dead-end relationship and a job she hates, her life is going nowhere until she meets Marlene Grande.

Although Marlene is in her seventies, her appetite for hot men and spending money knows no bounds, even if her matchmaking skills leave a bit to be desired. But as Dove embraces her new life, someone isn't so keen on her having fun.

Marlene's solution? Hire a private investigator with a nice ass. Now Dove has two problems to deal with - the monster wreaking havoc on the Arndale estate and Zander Graves, a smart-mouthed womaniser she really doesn't want to like.

Will there be anything left of her heart by time they've finished with it?

**Blackwood UK series #3**
++Updated every Saturday++

XxxAthenaxxX XxxAthenaxxX Jun 05, 2016
I never knew things can be this exciting being a gardener haha! Love the start already and I can't wait for Marlene and Dove to meet. Then she can leave Wes and destroy Darren with that shear ;) Love her quirky personality and sarcasm too!
Graceal123 Graceal123 2 days ago
I love this!!! Will you please look at my story and give me tips? What Happened in that House?
kae_82 kae_82 Jun 16, 2016
I absolutely loooooove it already. .. Lmao at lady gardens ...
firdabali firdabali Aug 28, 2016
Londoners rarely smile or mostly Europeans? It's really different here. Most of us, Asians like to smile even if bump into strangers.
stanzin14 stanzin14 Jul 19, 2016
Just starting today...Marlene sounds like Edith(bless her soul!!) if she wre alive...:P
JemmaRyan3 JemmaRyan3 Jun 04, 2016
Enjoying the first chapter immensely. Wes seems like a real charming guy... Not. Looking forward to next week :)